Jim Morrison is Hungry

CAhungryJIM carpe absurdum

When you think Jim Morrison, the image that may come to mind is of the young, slinky man, shirtless and wearing a pair of tight fitting snakeskin or leather pants. But Morrison pulled an Elvis in his waning time on earth, and put on some extra pounds.

The doors of perception needed to be widened, because Big Jim really liked to eat.

It was a rubenesque Jim Morrison that delivered the lyrics to LA Woman, the last LP that The Doors would record together. No longer gaunt and lean, Morrison resembled more of a burley, backwoods hermit, and his voice was deeper and craggy — and of course, he sounded great.

Jim Morrison is quoted as saying, “There’s nothing wrong with being a large mammal.”

Maybe the lyrics should have been, “Let me eat all night in your sould kitchen.”

This is a fun interview where Jim does a whole lot of musing about food.

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2 thoughts on “Jim Morrison is Hungry

    • You are welcome. I idealized Morrison when I was a teenager. I find this video amusing because it shows him to be a down to earth, and funny dude, even though he was scary, genius, talented.

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