The Church of the Latter-Day Dude Wants Monument at Oklahoma Capital, Man

carpe absurdum

Elsewhere at this site, we predicted that the gates to otherworldly realms would be flung wide, and that all colors and shapes of faiths and non-faiths (which are arguably faith-based) would come clamoring to claim a patch of turf at the Oklahoma state capital upon which to advertise their particular -ism. Our prognostication was freakin’ dead on.

In case you missed it: With the approval and backing of many Oklahoma state lawmakers, a monument with The Ten Commandments was erected on the lawn of the Oklahoma state capital in 2012. Recently, a satanic group from New York (where else?) came forward seeking to have a monument displayed in honor of Beelzebub. Then, a Hindu group announced that they wanted a statue of the Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman on the capital grounds. Thereafter, PETA announced that it wants to hang a banner there that contains religious symbols and promotes a vegan lifestyle.

It couldn’t have ended there, we were sure. There is a cosmic party going on, and everyone wants in. Now, The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and The Church of the Latter-Day Dude want monuments at the Oklahoma state capital.

It’s Friday, and we’re groggy. We’ll let the Tulsa World explain.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the “deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism, a movement that promotes a lighthearted view of religion and opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in public schools,” according to the group’s website.


Church of the Latter-Day Dude, heavily influenced by the comedic movie “The Big Lebowski,” touts itself as “the slowest-growing religion in the world.” It’s based on an ancient philosophy that “preaches non-preachiness” and “practices as little as possible,” according to

Pause a moment. Let that all sink in. Roll it around on your tongue like it was the most delicious White Russian you have ever tasted.

We here at Carpe Absurdum are growing out our hair and beards, donning our cheap sunglasses and are blazing a trail to Oklahoma City, as soon as we get to it, man — maybe next week.

Hold on there. It’s bad news for The Dude. Oklahoma lawmakers, being the drag that they are, have put a moratorium on all applications by groups expressing interest in having a monument or banner at the state capital.

Not cool. But, nevertheless, The Dude abides. The Dude abides, man.



Adherents and Adepts of The Secret and Ancient Mystical Order of the Dude, and fellow Absurdist.

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