PETA Wants to Join Satanist and Hindu Group at Oklahoma Capital


We have been looking high and low for an excuse to post pictures of scantly clad, or even clad-less women. It looks like Christmas has come early for Team Absurdum. It looks like we might have been on the “nice” list. Thanks Santa.

In November 2012, a monument to The Ten Commandments was unveiled by Oklahoma law makers on the lawn at the Oklahoma state capital. First Amendment enthusiasts took note, and pointed out that there might be a separation of church and state problem with the monument.

Some Oklahoma law makers said that the monument was not erected with religiosity in mind. Rather, they argue, the monument of The Ten Commandments is anĀ historical tribute, and isn’t really about religion. Like a large, pungent pile of steaming BS, the “historical” argument doesn’t pass the smell test.

As reported elsewhere at this site, a group of Satanist from New York (where else?) decided they want in on the action. The devil’s minions want a monument that pays homage to the Prince of Darkness. They argue, if the Christians can have a monument, then under the constitutional concept of the separation of church and state, they should get one, too.

The Universal Society of Hinduism agreed. Rajan Zed, the president of the society announced that they would seek to have a statue of the Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman, placed on the capital lawn.

We have waited with feverish anticipation for the following question to be answered. Who next?

Enter, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals aka PETA, which wants a banner displayed at the Oklahoma state capital. But, PETA is no more a religious organization than the Ten Commandments monument is purely historical.

According to an AP report, “[T]he proposed PETA banner would encourage people to ‘Go Vegan’ and feature numerous religious symbols.” Okay.

We’re hoping religious symbols aren’t the only thing the proposed banner features.


Oh, Pamela.



Us, too.


Nice rabbit.


Down with bras! Er, we mean mink!

2 thoughts on “PETA Wants to Join Satanist and Hindu Group at Oklahoma Capital

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